How to Embed an Amazon IVS (Interactive Video Service) Live Stream on Your Website! No Dev Needed!

Here's a quick tutorial and tip, to show you how you can embed your Amazon IVS (Interactive Video Service) live streams on your website using No developer knowledge needed. Stream with Vmix, OBS, and more!

UPDATE: We have updated this service to allow you to use our IVS service, or your own. Follow the instructions in the video if you would like to use your own IVS account, or select "Live Streaming (IVS)" as the clip type in your admin interface and you will be streaming in seconds using the built-in LiveSportscaster streaming CDN. NOTE: this will eventually be a paid feature, but for now, we would like to offer it for free so that you can test. Please just don't stream for excessive periods of time, as IVS is costly to our bottom line when offering it for free.